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Partner with AudioVerse to Deliver Meat in Due Season Those Like Ricky Hungry for Truth!

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Creating a Legacy

In alignment with Christ's compassionate act of delivering meat in due season, we strive to personalize our messages to reach our listeners effectively. As the volume of teachings increases, the significance of delivering the right message to the right individual at the perfect moment becomes even more critical. While industry leaders such as YouTube and Amazon invest massive amounts of money in similar technologies, they finance their endeavors through advertising and the utilization of user data. However, we follow a different approach, relying solely on God's blessings through the generosity of supporters like you to invest in the future growth of AudioVerse.

As we approach the latter months of the year and you contemplate your charitable contributions, we humbly request that you prayerfully reflect on whether the Lord may be prompting you to increase your giving beyond previous years. Your support is paramount to the success of this endeavor, and we deeply appreciate your invaluable role as a vital partner of our ministry.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for assisting us in our mission to deliver these messages to optimize the greatest potential to guide individuals towards a deeper connection with Jesus.

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